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Top Ten Turbografx-16 Games of All Time

While NEC’s console is often considered an also-ran in the 8-bit and 16-bit eras, the Turbografx-16 or PCEngine (depending on where you live) is a pretty epic rig and has a solid library of classic titles.

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Top Ten Superhero Origin Films

Despite what it might seem; capes, suits, and superpowers are not the selling point that endear audiences to their favorite comic characters. One need look no further than the critical or fan reaction to...

Classic GamesVideo Games

Donkey Kong Country

Old games are always hard to review in light of modern titles. Yet some gold is valued because it remains so gorgeous years and years later, and that’s the case here.

Classic FilmFilm

Enter the Dragon

When Enter The Dragon was released in 1973, it was not only an entirely groundbreaking action film, but it would set the template for countless martial arts films that followed it.

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He-Man Returns!

I-HAVE-THE-POWER! AND THE PUBLISHING RIGHTS! I don’t know what to file this under, but maybe we all need to talk ourselves through it. Masters of the Universe was announced this week to be officially...

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Shenmue 4 Could Happen – If 3 Sells

The fact that Shenmue 3 is getting made is a miracle in and of itself. And after the gameplay reveal trailer we saw this week, some of us can’t get this sequel soon enough.

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Is there anything that FromSoftware can’t do? From medieval fantasy to gothic horror and now ninja and samurai themes in their latest masterpiece Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Coming to you from the...

Top 10 Video Game ListsVideo Games

Top 10 SEGA CD Games of All Time

SEGA’s obsession with peripherals in the 1990s is a well-known fact. Heck, it’s probably why the company doesn’t make consoles anymore. What caused such a successful company to release things like...

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Top 10 Airplane Action Extravaganzas

Fall is quickly approaching, and it’s your last chance to get in that trip you’ve been thinking about. It goes without saying that any proper summer vacation should be experienced via road trip, but...

Classic GamesVideo Games

Fallout 2

Most of us probably know Fallout from the 3D series that Bethesda has foisted upon the world. And there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, Fallout 3 and New Vegas are modern classics.