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Mystery Science Theater: The Return

If ever there was a show which could be labeled a ‘surprise hit’, it was Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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Is Video Game Music the Next Big Frontier?

The Financial Times recently ran an article about the growing popularity of video game music concerts.

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Lore – Season One

The docu-horror series genre has been a somewhat unassuming but always persistent one.

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Top Ten Spin-Off Films

No sooner had I written last week’s article about TV on film than did I see the weekend box office appeared to have put the official stamp of profitability on the genre.

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How Much Will Video Games Cost in the Future?

Polygon writer Patricia Hernandez says that it doesn’t make sense to spend $60 on a video game anymore – and we agree.

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Third World War Sega CD

The geopolitical situation in the world is heating up as Iran and the United States butt heads against one another so we thought it’d be a great time to dig into the classic game vault and pull out a...

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El Camino

On Studio35, we’ve often discussed the ways in which film and television have begun to intertwine in a way that sometimes looks like a blending, and other times just a somewhat confusing conversation...

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Classic everything is all the rage these days when it comes to video games, and this is no less the case than when it comes to retro gameplay styles and aesthetics.

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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Square’s reworking of its PlayStation classic JRPGs is just one of the many retro revivals we’re seeing this year and it is interesting that devs are so keen on updating past as we stand on the...

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IT: Chapter Two

Stephen King’s 1,138 page tome It stands among the largest literary offerings the author has ever released.