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Studio 35

Inspired by websites and YouTube channels such as IGN, Empire & CNET, Studio 35 was born out of a desire to find a one stop shop for film & game reviews for the average film goer and gamer – rather than the serious film critic and hardcore gamer. We hope we have succeeded in this goal and you enjoy the content as much as we enjoy making it for you.

The Team

Robert Yapp

Having graduated the Northern School of Art in 2002 in Middleborough, UK, with a HND in Film & Television studios, Robert Yapp has a storied journey through careers in the guerrilla filmmaking industry, retail management, contact centre analytics. He founded Studio 35 in 2016 as the go to place for the average film & game fan rather than the hardcore cinephile or gamer. He likes MMA, archery and will go to his grave saying Predator is the greatest film ever made.

Mike Gates

Mike is our staff film writer, mediocre guitar player, and filmmaker. He graduated from Temple University with a degree in Film and Media Arts, and continues to adore films of all stripes and other unidentified markings-but with a natural preference for ninjas and demons. He’s that guy who was downtown shrieking obscenities at the lamp post when they let Rob Zombie remake Halloween.

Kehl Bayern

Kehl Bayern is our staff video game news writer and has over a decade of experience in online media and publishing. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, he is also the author of science fiction thriller Animus Proxy. You can follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.