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WWE2K20: The Latest Video Gaming Tragedy…At Least According to the Internet

If there is one thing we love in the world of video games, it is a good dumpster fire.

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Blizzard Finds Itself Out in the Cold After Firing Hearthstone Champ for Hong Kong Protest Remarks

Can Blizzard weather the current s***storm facing it right now?

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Is Video Game Music the Next Big Frontier?

The Financial Times recently ran an article about the growing popularity of video game music concerts.

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How Much Will Video Games Cost in the Future?

Polygon writer Patricia Hernandez says that it doesn’t make sense to spend $60 on a video game anymore – and we agree.

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Shenmue 4 Could Happen – If 3 Sells

The fact that Shenmue 3 is getting made is a miracle in and of itself. And after the gameplay reveal trailer we saw this week, some of us can’t get this sequel soon enough.

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Major Video Game Companies Join Together to Regulate Loot Boxes

One of the most nagging issues in gaming could be coming to a speedy resolution – and all without the intervention of government and regulatory bodies. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are pledging to...

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How Streaming is Growing and Changing Video Games

Big news from the world of video game streaming this week as it seems like longtime Twitch king Ninja was dethroned by fellow streamer and Fortnite expert Tfue. Ninja, a favorite of sponsors and the video...

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Tough Times for GameStop

It probably doesn’t come as a shock that GameStop has had a hard time the past several years and the next-gen console race doesn’t look like it is going to help their business model out that much. Is...

Are May 2019’s Video Game Sales a Sign of Market Anticipation for the Next Generation
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Are May 2019’s Video Game Sales a Sign?

E3 2019 isn’t even cold in the ground and analysts are already trying to read the tea leaves about the future of the industry. But they’re also using it to understand the past. Namely, why were May...

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming March 3, 2020

E3 2019 has barely begun and it is already eclipsing anything people could have thought it would be. First of all, the Final Fantasy VII Remake is nothing new. We all knew that was coming along but, as...